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Bijorhca January 2017

Portuguese Jewellery starts the year in Bijorhca Paris, an edition particularly important since the image of the event showcases two Portuguese Jewels, one by Bruno da Rocha and other by Ana João.


For Fátima Santos, Secretary General of AORP, “Bijorhca Paris has been very supportive of Portuguese Jewellery and our brands have increasingly gained success from one edition to the other. In September we had the largest participation ever of Portuguese Jewellery in an international event and many of these companies return in January to follow-up the contacts.”


From January 20-23, Bijorhca will feature 10 Portuguese brands, including the stand Portuguese Jewelery Newborn, with four representatives of the new Portuguese Jewellery: Ana João, Cecília Ribeiro, Lia Gonçalves and Mater Jewellery Tales. Alongside, more 6 Portuguese brands bet on what is considered one of the most important events of the industry in Europe: Astorga, Bruno da Rocha, Coquine, Elza Pereira, Galeiras, Inês Telles.

About Bijorhca January 2017: www.bijorhca.com

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