Portuguese Jewellery shaped with Love -

Portuguese Jewellery curated by AORP

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International Shows


For 4 days, from 23rd to 26th september, Bijorhca Trade show will receive AORP for another edition of “Portuguese Jewellery Shaped with Love”. This participation represents, once more, a successful initiative looking for contacts and promotion.

The numbers provided by the Bijorhca Organization show that the affluence of visitors increased in 22%, reaching 15.000 visitors. Those visitors came from the main European Countries (Germany, Belgium, Spain,…) and others like Middle East and Russia.

Portuguese Brands on Show:


Bruno da Rocha


Liliana Alves

Our Sins

Styliano & Ribeiro

Bergue & Co

Elza Pereira

Inês Telles Jewelry

Materialab by Carla Matos


Wings of Feeling

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