Crossings Special Jewellery Collection

Brands and personalities come together in Crossings’ collection to bring Portuguese Jewellery to Dubai

Inspired by the Sea as the guiding thread of Travessia, the jewelry collection embodies Travessia and is the result of a co-creation between each of these professionals and five outstanding Portuguese talents in the areas of art, culture and sports. They are: Jéssica Pina, singer and trumpeter, together with Tavares 1922; Gustavo Ribeiro, skater with bronze medal at the 2019 World Skateboarding Championships in street skateboarding, together with Mesh; Gaspar Varela, guitarist, with Farilu; Blaya, musical artist, in partnership with Juliana Bezerra Jewellery; Rafael Morais, actor, as a partner of Magajoias. The objective is that this exclusive collection represents the execution capacity of the national industry in the creation of innovative pieces, in concept and in form - a jewellery 4.0 prepared to respond to the demands of the fashion and design market and up to any challenge.


The premises of a collection that brings the future of the sector closer

There are several studies that reveal the emergence of a new generation of consumers in the jewelry sector. Generation Z, which comprises the age group from 15 to 25 years old, already has a strong presence in the market and imposes itself as the most assiduous on social networks, namely through WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram and Tik Tok. It is also predicted that this generation will consume the most of diamond jewelry after 2025, according to De Beers Group, in its most recent Diamond Insight Report, which states that about 2.6 billion people or 35% of the world population (the equivalent share of this generation) will come of age as consumers of diamonds in the coming decades. Besides, the male universe is also relevant in this equation, which increasingly consumes jewelry as a fundamental part of their personal affirmation.

It is thus clear that the jewelry and goldsmithing sector depends significantly on technology and its ability to guide its strategies on social networks, being attentive and able to communicate and involve this generation.

It should be noted that this sector clearly marks its position in the Portuguese export balance, registering values ‚Äč‚Äčabove 110 billion euros in 2020, considering the inevitable impacts of the pandemic situation, with France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong among the main markets, culminating in a total turnover of the sector that exceeds 663 billion euros.



From Art, Culture and Sports to the most unique co-creations



Juliana Bezerra collaborates with artist Blaya on the launch of the piece ‘Jardim de Corais’, a jewel inspired by the sea and contemporaneity. The earrings recreate the shape of an anemone and imitate the colors of corals through stones such as garnets, tourmalines, zirconia, and hematites. On the gold-plated silver surface we read the inscriptions 'Só Love' and 'Me Domina', engraved titles of Blaya's songs. The elements of Nature merge with the power of the singer's femininity and gain new strength and eccentricity.
The creation of the ring was jointly created between Gaspar Varela and Farilu, after a conversation about how Gaspar wants to “spread” the so traditional sound of the Portuguese guitar, around the world and for new generations. The drop shape of the ring refers to the Volute, the top of the guitar, and the “fluid” shape of the ring rim, to the movement of spreading and spreading this sound/instrument.

Inspired by the motto of this campaign, “Travessia” and this marine mollusk, we created for the renowned trumpeter Jéssica Pina a unique jewel, where we intend to promote the meeting between matter and work, with the shell being the link between the Sea, The Music, and Jewelry. This interpretation of jewelry was created through manual design with the support of high-tech techniques and equipment, not abdicating the importance of craftsmanship and the ancestral knowledge of our master goldsmiths who are part of the DNA of our century-old company. A unique piece signed by Jéssica Pina, Sílvia Agra (designer of Tavares1922) and the T22 brand.


Inspired by the talent and dedication of Gustavo Ribeiro, the collaboration with the young skater appears, which will give rise to a unique piece with his signature. An elegant and imposing ring, where the zirconia represents the shine of his path and the shapes and movement of his maneuvers, which placed him in the world elite of Skate.
The motto being “Sea”, we look for inspiration in the nautical instruments used for centuries all over the world. I tried to create a tension between the expected function of a marine telescope and that of a kaleidoscope, because I believe that the way we see the world depends a lot on the “lens” used by the observer. By introducing this lens, or symbolically this tear, which manipulates the visual effect with each movement, I seek to raise questions and change pre-defined perceptions about heroes and villains, oppressed and oppressors, colonized and colonizers.
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