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Portugal’s jewellery makers meet London’s creative scene

A centuries-old industry renewed by design and global ambition: discover the new ‘hidden gem’ of fashion jewellery.

AORP - the Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association, promoted an evening event at the Portuguese Embassy during London Fashion Week on 18th September 2021.

Presenting six exceptional and carefully selected jewellery brands; Arte Nova Jewellery, Cinco, Fiordy Studio, Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery, Mesh and Museu da Filigrana, this highly anticipated showcase invites attendees to explore the excellence of Portuguese artisanship.

As ‘Made in Portugal’ is cementing its prominent positioning within the global creative arena, there is one rising star that promises to make an impact: Portuguese Jewellery. A “newcomer” with a centuries-old legacy, its distinctive appeal is making a global impact.

This industry event at the Portuguese Embassy featured each of the remarkable brands by displaying their unique qualities as excellent jewellery makers. Miguel Bento, a distinguished Portuguese creative and set-designer, will be curating this exhibition space. 

Featured on the official London Fashion Week schedule, key industry attendees will gather to celebrate Portuguese know-how and creativity, aiming to encourage future collaborations, across borders.



Arte Nova Jewellery

Arte Nova Jewellery offers unique and out of the box collections of both silver and gold. Quality, design and lifetime service care are the main drivers of the brand led by Carlos Barbosa, the third generation of a goldsmith family and Maria Dias, his partner and creative director. Arte Nova Jewellery was born in 2019 however, its history began much earlier, through the hands of a visionary goldsmith machine manufacturer, Carlos’ grandfather, who in 1956 founded what is now one of the leading companies on the design and production of gold and silver jewellery in Portugal. The company, behind Arte Nova Jewellery brand, still continues with the bigger legacy left by its founder – his innovation, creativity and dynamism, whilst keeping the same traditions and production processes, but most of all, always keeping the same passion for the goldsmith art.



Cinco was born as an independent design house of minimalist jewellery always with an eye on contemporary and vintage inspirations. The brand is led by founders Li Furtado and Miguel Pereira. All the production is made in Portugal, in an atelier with a significant manual processes. The brand has a big presence on instagram @cincostore with 137k followers and a big community of #cincopeople wearing and tagging the brand.


Fiordy Studio

Fiordy Studio creates timeless pieces that are enduring and made to last for generations, by using precious materials with thoughtful design through a close connection to artisan craftsmanship. All creations are meticulous in their attention to detail, high craftsmanship, and dedication to perfection. The brand was developed with the foundation and knowledge of Farilu’s factory. Farilu was founded in 1992 in Guimarães, Portugal by Joaquim Faria. In 2007, Bruno Faria and João Faria took the helm of Farilu to continue the creative family legacy and expand it internationally. In 2021, Fernanda Abrusio, a renowned creative director originally from São Paulo, Brazil, joined Farilu, helping to create Fiordy Studio.


Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery

With Lisbon in her heart at all times, Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery emerges as a contemporary jewellery brand that combines organic elements with geometric references, creating its own language, fluid and timely. Her pieces reflect influences from her travels, nature, art and things that surround her. Created in 2012, Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery takes inspiration from vintage pieces with a contemporary twist. In addition to her own collections, Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery offers a bespoke service of handmade pieces.



Mesh is a Porto-based jewellery brand. The pieces are designed for everyday wear and timeless individuality, reflecting their passion for style and culture. Inspired by the latest trends, Mesh creates unique pieces that are highly adaptable. Mesh was founded in 2016 but its roots began back in the 50’s, when the grandfather of the founders, José Martins Barbosa, started to manufacture innovating machinery and tools for the jewellery industry. Inheriting this vision and passion for jewellery, the two brothers, Tiago and João, celebrate individuality and all of its diverse iterations. This legacy forms the core identity of Mesh.


Museu da Filigrana

Museu da Filigrana (Filigree Museum) is owned by the 5th generation of a family-run jewellery and goldsmith business, Anselmo 1910. Located in Lisbon’s fashion district, Chiado, it was created to honour and promote the art of Portuguese filigree. Today, the Portuguese artisans are considered the best in the world for technical and historical reasons. Every piece is different from the other, there are no two alike. Having sustainability issues on top of their mind, it recently joined the RJS Responsible Jewellery Council program and is currently preparing to initiate the RJC Code of Practices (COP) Certification.