Portuguese Jewellery Collective Milan

Portuguese Jewellery showcases in Milan

Organized in partnership with Studio Zeta, a showcase that gathered six brands representing the new generation and vibe of Portuguese Jewellery, that so masterfully merge the uniqueness of its tradition with global fashion trends.

The event drew the attention of italian and international department stores buyers, concept stores, galeries and boutiques with a presence in Italy and representatives of specialised fashion magazines and opinion leaders.

With a long connection to the Italian market, the industry is focusing on a more close approach to the Fashion roadmap and has chosen Milan is the starting point of a new journey of exclusive curated showcases and meetings.

The guests had the opportunity to meet and greet the owners and designers of Arte Nova Jewellery, CINCO, Galeiras, Tashi, Wonther and Fiordy Studio. With heterogenous profiles, they share in common an ambition of aiming for new market opportunities, both in wholesale and retail.


Arte Nova Jewellery
Arte Nova Jewellery was born in 2019. However, its history began much earlier, through the hands of a visionary goldsmith manufacturer, in 1956. Today, the copany still continues the bigger legacy left by its founder - his innovation, creativity and dynamism, whilst keeping the same traditions and production processes. But most of all, always keeping the same passion for the goldsmith art. Arte Nova Jewellery focuses on design, extreme rigor and quality and always keeps the same excellence of over 60 years of production.


CINCO is a brand of Silver 925 jewellery, designed and handmade in Portugal, that ships worldwide. With a simple attitude, the brand was born as an independent design house of minimalist jewellery that always keeps an eye out for trendy and vintage inspiration. CINCO is for women who want to keep it simple whilst rocking a timeless look. 


At its 60-year mark, Galeiras is one of the largest Portuguese companies specialized in silver and gold jewellery production. Renowned for its integrity, reliability and highli professional approach in services provided, Galeiras is a reference in the national market.
Gathering a wide diversity of pieces, its productive force is fully invested in developed their own collections or in tailored services. As a family business, Galeiras has established itself as an ideal partner for both companies and businesses, their technical know-how and high level of professionalism reinforces our solid positioning. 


TASHI Jewels is a Portuguese originated brand, with Gold and Silver jewellery, designed and produced in Portugal.
All TASHI collections tell a story and are inspired by world travel destinations. The jewels embody the cultures of such places, brimming with symbolism. A brand for women that wear jewellery as a form of expression.
TASHI's mission is to create jewellery that generates a feeling of selfworth that goes beyond physical beauty, jewellery delivering power and confidence to the woman who's wearing it. 


Wonther is an Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry Brand, made in Portugal and inspired by NYC. The brand was born in November 2019 and since then it has received love from all over the world.
Each Wonther piece is the personification of a woman's ambitions, achievements and uniqueness. A constant reminder of her strength and the right to choose a unique journey. It's a celebration of a powerful life, whatever that means to each woman.
Wonther is the only Portuguese Jewelry Brand certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council - the leading standards authority in the global jewellery industry that works with members worldwide to create a sustainable supply chain.


Fiordy Studio
Fiordy Studio was created to renew the tradition of gold, with an emphasis on creations inspired by the performative side of two objects in close interaction together. Fiordy creates timeless pieces that are enduring and made to last for generations. With artisan craftsmanship, the artisans are an integral part of Fiordy Studio - all creations are meticulous in attention to detail and dedication to perfection, which elevates every single piece of the collection.