Portuguese Jewellery x MAAT Special Edition

Portuguese Jewellery X MAAT Special Edition” is the motto of the first edition of the iniciative that unites AORP and MAAT where sustainability is protagonist. With the purpose of selling and exhibiting the products of young jewellery creatives, 8 portuguese jewellery brands were challenged to design an exclusive collection inspired the architeture of the MAAT building.



The collection from Ana Pina, Dalila Gomes jóias / jewellery, Joana Santos l Joalharia de Autor, Kathia Bucho Jewelry, Leonor Silva Jewellery, Maria Avillez Jewellery, MATER jewellery tales, Romeu Bettencourt and Vanglória - Joalharia de Autor were available at Central Tejo Store, in MAAT.