Showcase Portugal - Stockholm

On 28th of April, AORP traveled to Stockholm to promote the best of Portuguese Jewellery.

"Showcase Portugal” was promoted by APICCAPS and AICEP Portugal Global, in partnership with ANIVEC, AORP, ATP, CENIT and PortugalFoods and showcased brands from the textile, shoes and jewellery sector.

The event consisted of a round table where the latest innovations of the sector in the fields of sustainability and circular economy were presented.
The session was moderated by Catarina Midby (former Secretary General of the Swedish Fashion Association and Head of Sustainability at H&M - UK) and with the contributions of AnaTavares (CITEVE), Fátima Santos (AORP - Associação de Ourivesaria e Relojoaria de Portugal) and Maria José Ferreira (CTCP - Portuguese Footwear Technological Centre).

Six portuguese jewellery brands participated in the event with the purpose of of positioning the sector in three different pillars:

Industry 4.0

Galeiras and Farilu

Legacy and Tradition

Fernando Martins Pereira and Topázio

Global Fashion Brands

Cinco and Wonther