Eternamente Jóias
Eternamente Jóias is more than a company that sells wholesale and retail jewellery. It is today the regenerated formula of what precedes it more than 30 years of JMM Pratas!

At the time with the name JMM Pratas, we began to trace our path in the Portuguese jewellery market. Like a family jewel, the business was passed down through generations until we reached the present day.

In 2015 we decided it was time to change the name of our brand. It was with jewellery and its eternal value as inspiration that we chose Eternamente Jóias. Just like family jewels, which never lose their value and are passed on from generation to generation tenderly, Eternamente Jóias is also a family heirloom that intends today and always to continue to eternalize the essence of its existence in the market, with its current and future esteemed customers.

Going through several transformations, challenges, innovations, unique experiences, always with the goal and ambition to do always more for the best, our mission is also to eternalize special moments through our jewels and unique pieces.

Instagram: @eternamente_joias