Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery
Joana Mota Capitão Jewellery was born in May 2012 in a time when all my confidence was set on this jewellery brand I wanted to build with my own conception and style.

My work as a jewellery designer is based upon a contemporary approach to the crossing over between organic elements and geometric references, by way of exploring a cleansed language, using volumes and fittings that make the pieces consistent and homogeneous.

There is always differentiating factor behind every piece, a story, really. My travels, nature, painting, my childhood, and what surrounds me is where I go to get inspiration on a daily basis. But this is not always easy - and sometimes I struggle to use it properly - so I try to keep up with everything that is going on around me, like exhibitions, books, and magazines. Inspiration takes a lot of work, though, and there’s a utter need to keep curiosity going.

In addition to collections created by me, I also offer a custom-made service which comprise of pieces made to order, metal recycling, and cleaning.