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Current Affairs

Cartier opens shop in Lisbon

The new 250m2 space exhibits the different brand lines, respecting the stylistic concept of the other shops spread around the world.

The Pombaline building at number 240 Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon has come back to life at the highest level. Cartier, the luxury accessories maison is back after a four-year gap at a new place and in a new area of the capital. “Lisbon is increasingly becoming a destination on the route of many tourists and this is important. However, it should be pointed out that Portugal has some jewellery watchmaking collectors and jewellery aficionados”, asserts Olivier Gay, the general manager of the brand.

The new shop team, managed by Helena Holstein, was “highly prepared” for being in this space as it is the norm for the brand to provide training to its new ambassadors about the brand history and the different lines that Cartier has been producing for 160 years. For those who are not paying attention, the building where Cartier has its new shop is situated at Avenida da Liberdade, 240, painted in Pombaline red, a colour which respects the tone chosen on the occasion of its inauguration in the 19th century. “We always respect the style and layout of the spaces we go to. This building was the ideal spot for us thanks to its history and geographic location”, he stresses.

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