Legacy: new Portuguese Jewellery international campaign celebrates the past to protect the future


The Portuguese jewel as a legacy, a testimony of the passage of time and the intergenerational bond. This is the motto of the new international campaign promoted by AORP that celebrates the essence of art, recovering traditional techniques and designs.


“Portuguese Jewellery Legacy” is the new international campaign of the Portuguese jewellery sector, which aims to value jewellery as a legacy. A legacy of art, of values, of memories, passed from generation to generation, in an eternal cycle.


Promoted by AORP – Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association, the campaign refers to the values of eternity and timelessness of the Portuguese jewels, recovering the traditional techniques and designs that cross the time. Among these are the chain necklace, the baroque earrings or the braid necklace. Behind each piece is a story that is part of the Portuguese imagination and which AORP now wants to make known to the world.



According to Nuno Marinho, President of AORP, "we have done a deep job of identifying the techniques and companies specialized in each technique, which in the shadow of their factories and ateliers preserve the legacy of art and tradition that characterizes and differentiates us all over the world. At the same time, we were able to meet contemporary brands that transpose these same techniques into the new context of global consumption, through design and communication with a new public willing for pieces with identity and history".


While it intends to value the tradition, the campaign reinforces the values of sustainability, fair trade and responsible consumption. The goal is to show how jewellery - with a long cycle of product, which can go to eternity, runs counter to the unsustainable trend of the consumer market.


"Jewels are eternal. Made from precious raw materials such as silver, gold or platinum, the jewels have great strength and durability over time. In addition, metals are highly flexible and can be recycled continuously, closing the cycle. ", adds the President of the Association.


This awareness is part of an overall strategy of the Association to promote the adoption of more sustainable policies within the sector. "As representatives of an industry, we want to inspire our companies to adopt natural resources management and protection policies, encourage recycling and reuse of materials, and to defend principles of respect and equality. The planet is our greatest legacy. We want the Portuguese jewellery industry to lead a movement that the fashion industry must follow ", he concludes.


With a creative direction from AORP, the "Portuguese Jewellery Legacy" campaign is a production of Snowberry, with Ricardo Santos (photography), João Le Joy (video), Lou Schoof (model), Kimberley Pearl (model) and Federico Rodrigues (model).


To mark the launch of the new campaign, AORP promotes the first Portuguese jewellery showcase, on 5th and 6th of July, at the Casa da Arquitetura in Matosinhos. The event, open to the public through pre-registration, brings together a selection of 20 brands that represent the essence of Portuguese jewellery, in a perfect symbiosis between the heritage of tradition and the vision of contemporary design.



Film by

João Sousa Key


Video Assistant

João Castela


Luís Moreira

Editing and Post

Studio Le-Joy

Sound Design

Gil Amado

Voz off

Mafalda S e Romi S



Frederico, Lou, Kimberley

Kimberley Pearl and Lou, Models1

Federico Rodrigues, Elite Lisbon


Art Direction

Fátima Santos, Mafalda Morais, Silvia Silva, AORP


Helena Silva, Snowberry Production


Ricardo Santos


Joel Alves

Hair Stylist

Rui Rocha


Patricia Lima

Set design

Joaquim Szkutnik da Rocha, Snowberry Production