AORP promotes Portuguese Jewellery crossing towards the future of the sector


The creation of bridges between the essence and evolution of Portuguese jewellery gave rise to TRAVESSIA, a new international campaign promoted by the Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association (AORP). Faced with a world transformed by innovation, digital migration and new social dynamics, AORP projects the sector in this new global context, with a total investment of 6 million euros for the resumption of actions to promote the sector.

The ability to adapt and resilience are intrinsic characteristics of Portuguese jewellery which have been enabling its permanent evolution and international expansion. AORP intends to boost this growth, supporting companies in their transition to an industry 4.0 and to a digital environment, while preventing the detachment from the values ​​that characterize and differentiate this sector. This is something that has been cemented by AORP: savoir-faire, tradition, and sustainability.

It is in this context that TRAVESSIA (Crossings) campaign arises - from the ambition of international affirmation of Portuguese jewellery, by crossing the bridge which separates our essence and tradition from the need for adaptation and innovation within the scope of the new dynamics of the global market.

The campaign was launched internationally at ExpoDubai, in the Portugal Pavilion, where, in partnership with AICEP (Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency), AORP attended the Portuguese Jewellery Week, which took place from 19th to 25th of February.

Nuno Marinho, President of AORP, explains: “We are living in a period of evolution and fast digital migration, with technology assuming an increasingly central role in society. Also in the jewellery field, digital is gaining ground in Creation (industry 4.0), Distribution (e-commerce) and Communication (digital networks and channels). This campaign is, therefore, a way for AORP to make use of Dubai and the Middle East as a gateway to the Asian market, bringing the best of this national sector to the world. In 5 years, we expect to achieve an export growth rate of 10% in this geographic area, and we aim for this Travessia (Crossing) to be a way of bringing those expectations closer”.



ExpoDubai and the Crossings Collection: from Portugal to Asia, from Asia to the world

With the world's attention on the Portuguese sector, AORP will take advantage of its presence in Dubai to present Travessia, alongside with the exclusive Crossings collection, created especially for the moment, with the contribution of five Portuguese jewellery designers, who prepared unique pieces for this purpose. These industrialists represent the new generation of an area that, respecting the essence of national jewellery, invests in innovation and technology to project itself across borders.

Inspired by the “Sea”, this collection will be the result of a co-creation between each industrialist and a prominent Portuguese personality in Art, Culture, and Sports. They are: Jéssica Pina, trumpeter, together with Tavares 1922; Gustavo Ribeiro, skateboarder, together with Mesh Jewelery; Gaspar Varela, fado singer, with Farilu; Blaya, singer and dancer, in partnership with Juliana Bezerra Jewelery; Rafael Morais, actor, as a selected partner by Magajoias. The objective is that this exclusive collection represents the execution capacity of the national industry in the creation of innovative pieces, in concept and in form - a 4.0 Jewellery prepared to respond to the demands of the fashion and design markets and ready to face emerging challenges.

It should be noted that this sector clearly marks its position in the Portuguese export balance, registering values ​​above 110 billion euros in 2020, considering the inevitable impacts of the pandemic situation, with France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, USA, and Hong Kong among the main markets, culminating in a total turnover of the sector that exceeds 663 billion euros.


Travessia: the metaphor that goes from the “new Eden” to the jewellery creation process

The transition within the 4.0 industry is one of the premises of Travessia (Crossings) campaign, focused on monitoring the pace of industrial sectors and on Portuguese jewellery’s investment on innovation and technology to gain international competitiveness. Alongside this, there is digital migration, driven by the pandemic context throughout the value chain, which transitions to online and opens a new world of opportunities.

Another focus is the new forms of interaction: as we witness the fall of some patterns and dynamics of the global market, there is a growing evolution of artificial intelligence and new forms of contact and involvement.

Fátima Santos, Secretary-General of AORP, explains that: “Travessia (Crossings) is a metaphor for the accelerated transition of the sector to the digital environment, in a way in which the human figure is not dissolved. This arises the campaign's connection to nature, which brings together the human figure, technology and jewellery through water, as a guiding thread of the narrative. Through video mapping, we translate the steps of creating a jewel. Basically, the whole campaign results in a parallelism with the history of Portugal, which is made of Travessia (Crossings), in which the sea reflects the courage and ambition to explore new paths in a still unknown, but full of opportunities, territory”.



The Crossing is made through a videomapping that shows the creation process of a jewel in which nature, the human figure and technology interconnect in a perfect symbiosis.


With the concept and production in charge of the agency Silver Lining, the Travessia (Crossings) campaign is the result of the creative direction of Mafalda Morais, with Vladimiro Leopoldo (editing and directing the video), João Castela (direction of photography), Lyft Creative Studio (Projection Mapping), Matilde Cunha (Photography), Ewa T, Sílvio Dalesia, Diogo Guerreiro and Josiane Monteiro (Models), Érica Sousa/André Quintal (Make-up and Hair) and Ana Rito (Styling).


This action is part of the project to internationalize the jewellery sector promoted by AORP and financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program, with funds from the European Regional Development Fund.


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Directed by 
Vladimiro Leopoldo 
Concept and Production 
Silver Lining
Art Direction
Mafalda Morais
Director of Photography
João Castela
First Assistant
Luís Pedro Ferreira
Water Cinematographer
Gastão Entrudo
Sound Director
Sérgio Silva
Vladimiro Leopoldo
Projection Mapping
Lyft Creative Studio
Content Review
Alison Goldstraw

Matilde Cunha
Ewa T. / Sílvio Dalesio / Diogo Guerreiro / Josiane Monteiro

Ana Rito 
Make-up and Hair
Érica Makeup and André Quintal
Turismo da Madeira
AlexGo Travel
Susana Caires / André Spínola / Bruno Mendonça
Lídia Freitas