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From 15th to 17th of January, Portuguese Jewellery will be showcased at Show & Order X Premium 2019. Simultaneous with Berlin Fashion Week, the trade show presents more than 150 brands.

10th of January 2019 – Portuguese Jewellery will debut at Show & Order X Premium, a trade show for fashion, lifestyle and experience, to be held in Berlin, from 15th to 17th of January. The main goal is to strength its presence in the German market and enter the European fashion circuit.

Simultaneous with Berlin Fashion Week, Show & Order is the first industry event of the year, attracting buyers, influencers and media from all over Europe. Portuguese Jewellery takes front row seats and invites the Berlin-based artistic duo 44 Flavours to sign an exclusive artwork installation for its stand.


The event takes place in the emblematic building Kühlhaus Berlin, and is extended for six gallery-floors, where approximately 150 brands of women and men’s fashion, jewellery, accessories, cosmetics, interior design and decoration show their new collections.


“Portuguese Jewellery – Shaped With Love” will showcase three brands that represent the new generation of a centuries-old industry,  that combine the finest Portuguese manufacturing with unique design concepts: Coquine Jewelry, Cris Maria Jewelry and Sopro Jewellery.


According to Fátima Santos, from AORP – Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association, “Germany is one of ours target markets, so Show & Order will be an opportunity to strength Portuguese Jewellery awareness, showing how the industry has evolved, maintaining the quality, delicacy and attention to detail of the handcraft work that is utterly unique.”


More information at: www.showandorder.de/en

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