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Being one of the leading countries in fashion and luxury industry, Italy is one of the destinations identified as strategic for the internationalization of Portuguese jewellery.
The main trade event is VicenzaOro, whose participation confers reliability and credibility, both to exhibitors and visitors. Organized in northern Italy, the epicenter of the industry, it has several editions throughout the year and it is at the origin and base of a powerful regional manufacturing system. It is a reference and meeting point for all categories within the industry. Participating in the fair confers credibility and favors pragmatic contact with all forms of innovation.
The January edition occupies six major pavilions, including an area dedicated to technology and machinery. It brings together the largest compendium of innovations and technological applications for jewellery, a reflection of the powerful local ecosystem. Consequently, it encourages discovery, promotes contact with proven and commercial solutions and favors a dynamic and focused search. In addition, the high concentration of exhibitors and visitors presents a huge business potential.
Contact AORP (geral@aorp.pt) for more information on the Italian market and VicenzaOro and learn about internationalization opportunities for your company.


About 560 Jewellery

“560 Jewellery” is a joint project for the internationalization of Portuguese Jewellery, led by AORP. Effective between 2017 and 2018 aims to boost the access of companies and brands to the global market and incite the increase of national exports. This project consists of a calendar of promotional events that covers the most important events of Portuguese Jewellery world-wide. Open to the participation of the national companies, each one creates its individual itinerary being able to participate in one or several events.

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