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Portuguese Jewellery curated by AORP

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International Shows


“Successful platform for affordable luxury”

With over 1,230 brands on show and around 30,000 professional visitors from at least 85 countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Holland and Great Britain, USA, Russia, China, South America and the United Arab Emirates, Inhorgenta Munique is now not just the most important fair for professionals who are fluent German speakers, it is gaining growing importance and recognition worldwide.

This fair increasingly strengthens its international nature, consolidating its role as a world leader in luxury pieces in the field of jewels, clocks and lifestyle at affordable prices.

At this edition Portugal saw its largest representation ever and the following companies attended:

.Gumus by António Marinho



.Pedro Castro & Oliveiras

.Jorge Silva

.Fernanda Lamelas

.Barbosa Design

as well,

.Astorga Jewels


.Eugénio Campos

.Rainbow Jewellery

.Verdegreen Jewellery

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