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Inhorgenta Munich 2017

Portuguese Jewellery will have a strong representation at the next edition of Inhorgenta Munich, taking place from February 18 to 21.

AORP – The Portuguese Association of Jewellery and Watchmaking will promote the project “Portuguese Jewelery Newborn”, showcasing four designers that represent the new generation of Portuguese jewellery: Ana João, Carla Faro Barros, Mater Jewellery Tales and MMUTT.


At the same time, other four Portuguese brands will have their own representation at Inhorgenta: Astorga Jewels, a brand with a contemporary design, Inês Telles Jewelry, Liliana Guerreiro, two designers with innovative and disruptive concepts and Nevacril, specialists in the manufacture of displays.


This edition will present a new highlight: the Inhorgenta Award. This distinction is to be awarded in recognition of special products and services of the Jewelry and watch industry. Portuguese jewellery designer Liliana Guerreiro is nominated for “Best Piece of Jewellery”, the only one elected by public vote.

Inhorgenta Munich provides a unique combination of individuality, inspiration, and innovation. The event had this year a booking increase of 15% which demonstrates the growing interest of the German fair.

More information about Inhorgenta Munich at: www.inhorgenta.com

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