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Current Affairs

Inhorgenta Munich 2017

The beginning of the year is marked by some of the most important jewelery events. After Paris, the Portuguese jewelery departs for Munich, to participate in Inhorgenta 2017, between February 18 and 21, an event that is distinguished by the bet on design and jewelery of author.

AORP will promote its platform “Portuguese Jewelery Newborn”, presenting four creators of the new generation of Portuguese jewelery: Ana JoãoCarla Faro BarrosMater Jewellery Tales and MMUTT

This edition will also have something new. The organization will promote the first edition of the Inhorgenta Awards, divided into the following categories: Brand of the Year in Luxury Jewelery, Brand of the Year in Fashion Jewelery, Designer of the Year, Clock Design of the Year, Retailer of the Year and Best Jewelery .

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