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The necklace “Le Roi Soleil” was inspired in the sun also known as “Astro Rei” who feeds life on Earth and in the Inca culture that adored him.

António de Castro Pereira Godinho, Sucrs. was founded in 1870 by António Godinho. Her sons Henrique and Joaquim, which made a difference of 10 years old, had followed his footsteps.

While Henrique took the leadership of the factory, Joaquim studied and at the end of the day he came to work with his brother. The spirit of innovation, dynamics and the taste of the quality of manual labor that Joaquim Godinho had, were some of the main drivers of adaptation to modern times. He was the connecting link between the past and the future, always presenting pieces that attend both conservative and avant-garde fashion. The unique pieces created on demand, as the other ones that are constantly introduced in the domestic market and for export are evidence of those facts. António Pereira de Castro Godinho, Sucrs., strengthening the relationship with your customer, is open to receive special designs from the clients, with counseling to the client in order to meet their wishes.

Joaquim Godinho died at age 93, following in his footsteps his son Henrique Nuno Godinho, who is he also creator and current manager of the firm that remains in the family by adopting Godart logo.

Oriented to exportation, have been present in some international markets, being the last one Inhorgenta 2014 in Munich.

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