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Current Affairs

Portuguese Jewellery with greater representation ever at Bijorhca Paris

Portuguese jewellery is renewed. Traditional companies became more modern and close to new consumer trends. At the same time, new designers arise with bold concepts and innovative approaches. Together, they will be at one of the main jewellery events in Europa aiming to reach new markets.

AORP – the Association of Jewellery and Watchmaking of Portugal is preparing the largest participation ever of Portuguese jewellery in an international event. Seventeen national companies will be present at Bijorhca in Paris, from 2 to 5 of September.

“Internationalization is still a recent process for national jewellery companies, but the growth has been very fast. Since 2008, exports increased by 500% and the expectation is that this trend will become more evident in the coming years”, said Fatima Santos, General Secretary of AORP.

Bijorhca Paris is one of the most alluring fairs for companies looking for new markets in Europe. “This is one of the most important events in the industry, bringing together buyers from all over Europe and the world. It is a privileged showcase to promote Portuguese jewels and Portuguese companies have been very successful, “adds Fátima Santos.

In addition to gathering the largest number of Portuguese companies, this edition of Bijorhca has another novelty. AORP will present the initiative “Portuguese Jewellery Newborn”, a platform created to promote the new talents. In this stand will be represented 6 brands of young national designers who will participate for the first time in an international fair. They are: Ana João, Cecília Ribeiro, Lia Gonçalves, Maria do Vale Design, Mater Jewellery Tales and Minha Joia Atelier.

At the same time, 11 Portuguese companies, will represent the modern Portuguese Jewellery: Astorga, BMB Jewels, Bruno da Rocha, Coquine, Famiprata, Galeiras, Iglezia, Inês Telles, Marco Cruz Joalheiro, Our Sins e Styliano Jewellery.

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