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Current Affairs


We are organizing the Portuguese Jewellery Conference, this year titled – JEWELLERY OVERSEAS: NAVIGATING THE GLOBAL MARKET.

In this fifth edition that will take place on Dec. 4, at Oporto, the focus is in the most relevant jewellery trends in the global market configuration and in jewellery business. We also highlight the expectations about the compatibility that might exist between jewellery and fashion.

We intend to discuss the changing market and how brands and the industry do business: identify major trends, adapt best practices, and recognize the mistakes to avoid. The purpose is to identify what companies can do today to be among the winners of tomorrow.

The session will count with a group of specialists in different areas. At this moment when some studies show that exportation are growing steady and gradual, companies search refined and objective information elements. With a list of destination countries rising we will try to analyze the facts in order to understand if this is the right route.

In this Jewellery Conference we’ll analyze global jewellery market, clear up sectorial internationalization challenges and practices, market real expectations, identify the right way to promote in the global markets and frequent mistakes to avoid.

4.dezembro – 14h

PTNOG – Parque Tecnológico e de Negócios de Gondomar

Confirm your presence : ramos.silvia@aorp.pt

Find out more about the event.

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