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- CINDOR: A Renewed Image, Serving the Sector

- NUMBERS OF THE SECTOR: Exports from the Sector

- CIBJO CONGRESS 2013: Tel-Aviv World Jewellery in Discussion


The communication will perhaps be the strongest weapon at AORP’s disposal to show what our jewellery sector does so well. We view this department as the key to the implementation of our work and that’s why we focus greatly on showing what we do in our media. Every day we create contents which feed the sector, including news, sharing good examples at home and abroad, news about precious metal and from the world around us, inspirations, lifestyle, exhibitions, seminars and much, much more.

We are affording ever increasing importance to the communicate action and we feel that we can reach more people in the sector more effectively. We have seen the return on what we have published and this has driven us on to develop work in this regard. Every year 4 editions of the Newsletter are published and distributed every quarter by post to 2000 companies and/or agents connected with the jewellery sector.

This newsletter is also distributed around jewellery schools, local councils and AORP partner entities such as Serralves, ESAD, Engenho & Arte, Contacto de Autor, Soares dos Reis, Alquimia-Lab, inter alia.

Every Wednesday we send a new newsletter to the e-mails of over 4000 contacts. Every season we change the colour to follow the trends and inspire the creation of new things!

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