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Minty Square X Portuguese Jewellery Newborn

Minty Square X Portuguese Jewellery Newborn
The digital address of the new Portuguese jewellery

Portuguese Jewellery Newborn brand, created by the AORP – Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association to promote the new talents of Portuguese jewellery, has now a digital address where it is possible to know and buy the work of brand-new Portuguese designers at https://mintysquare.com/aorp

Find out the work of: Ana João, Carla Faro Barros, Dalila Gomes, Inês Rio, Joana Mota Capitão, Kathia Bucho, Manuale Jewelry, Mater Jewellery Tales, Mel Jewel, MMUTT, NUUK, Romeu Bettencourt and Sopro Jewellery.

In common they share the inheritance and respect for the manual techniques of the Portuguese jewellery. They diverge in heterogeneous creative proposals, exploring different languages, textures and combinations of materials. The presence on the digital platform will allow them to strengthen their international footprint, reaching new markets and new audiences.

For Fátima Santos, Secretary General of AORP, “The Portuguese Jewellery Newborn initiative aims to be a launching pad for new designers. We believe that Minty Square will open an important window to the world, not only for the promotion of these young talents, but also for Portuguese jewellery in general. The potential of digital platforms in the evolution of the jewellery business is immense. ”

According to João Figueiredo, Co-founder and CEO of Minty Square, “The partnership with AORP is aligned with the values ​​of Minty Square. Our mission is to raise awareness and educate the consumer to the value of designer brands from Portugal and around the world. Through this digital channel, we are not only creating new opportunities for these national jewellery talents, but also empowering them across borders. ”

Now more at: https://mintysquare.com/aorp

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