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Current Affairs

Paris Fashion Week

Paris: Jewellery looks that innovate and excite

And so the fash pack has moved on to Paris for the last round of AW14 catwalk shows. In the French capital Adorn’s friend and local photographer Andreas Krueger has been stalking the streets capturing jewellery looks that innovate and excite.

I never get tired of seeing how savvy women use jewellery to accentuate a look, but what really inspires me is when the jewellery is the foundation around which a look is built.

That’s why I’ve picked these five shots to share with you today. I have a feeling that in each case, the decision-making process that went into getting dressed started with the jewellery. What unites the different executions and aesthetics here is the way that, no matter how fancy or colourful the outfit, the jewellery itself is positioned in such a way that it really pops.

From golden coins against a simple cable knit jumper and chunky chain bracelets wrapped around a bare wrist to pom poms and a golden choker against block coloured backdrops, jewellery is the hero – and that’s exactly how we like it!

Words: Maia Adams

Photos: Andreas B. Krueger

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