Portuguese Jewellery shaped with Love -

Portuguese Jewellery curated by AORP

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Fashion Production


A new image generating a major upgrade in the representation of Portuguese fashion and an assertion of Portugal’s vocation as a producer and creator of excellence.

This campaign is aimed at the creative abilities of the sector in terms of design, fashion and quality, abilities which, until recently, were not highly recognised internationally nor even nationally.

With “Portuguese Jewellery – Shaped with Love” it is intended to consolidate the relationship between national jewellery and the heart as the cultural symbol of the Portuguese soul. It reveals a unique manual side to each of the pieces produced, modelled or created in Portugal. At the same time the image conveys international design trends and reconciles daring and exclusivity.

The renewed spirit of Made in Portugal is shown on various supports and here we have the fashion production carried out at the vanguard Casa do Conto by the renowned Northern photographer Cassiano Ferraz.

Portugal, the creator of products of excellence in international jewellery.

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