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Portuguese Jewellery curated by AORP

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Fashion Production


In the context of the Gold Win Together project, AORP – the Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association – has undertaken an intervention whose strategic objective is to generate medium and long-term growth and sustainable profitability in the national jewellery sector. In the short-term it acts on key factors for sectorial competitiveness related with product management, directly impacting the creation of specialisation related with the creation and management of knowledge, creativity and innovation with the enhancement of the joint image in an international context.

To be precise, under the initiative PORTUGUESE GOLD BECOME in FASHION it has launched an international promotion campaign which sets out to carry out an up-grade of the international reputation of the sector, firmly rooted in tradition and manufacturing skills. An image was launched which focuses on specialisation and creative abilities in the fields of design and fashion and the rendering of quality services (private label) which are generally not greatly recognised. This approach should lead to the repositioning of the national offer in its access to external markets and consequently to an increase in exports.

With a new, appealing collective image, intimately linked with the image of the country and the image developed by the Fashion Competitiveness Hub, specifically focusing on the jewellery market, AORP has struck up partnerships with other fields of crafts such as hats.

The campaign kicked off with a fashion production whose stage was the S. João da Madeira Hat Museum, taking advantage of the industrial environment involving hats and jewels, unavoidable Portuguese values of heritage.

This initiative will last for 2 years and it sets out to raise awareness and achieve the enhancement of the jewellery sector internationally. It also seeks to have a mobilising effect on Portuguese exports.

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