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Current Affairs

Portuguese Jewellery “À La Carte”

The new campaign for the promotion of Portuguese jewellery

Portuguese Jewellery is more attractive than ever. The art, perfected from generation to generation, has reached a sweet spot through the creative effervescence of new designers, which entices the desire and awakens the senses.

With the label “À La Carte”, the new campaign for the international promotion of Portuguese Jewellery, promoted by AORP – Associação de Ourivesaria e Relojoaria de Portugal, [the Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association], whets the appetite for a sector that reveals an insatiable hunger for growth and expansion, adapting itself to the new dynamics of the market and to the taste of the most demanding consumers. Encompassing both brands that renew tradition and author design, Portuguese jewellery presently uses generous doses of creativity and innovation.

Fátima Santos, AORP’s General Secretary, explains the analogy: “If for some years Portuguese Jewellery was closed in the internal market, it nowadays shows a voracious appetite for internationalisation, registering record participation in international fairs and winning the most prestigious awards and recognitions. This campaign is part of our 2017/2018 internationalisation project, the most complete and ambitious ever, which will cover 41 actions in 17 markets and involve more than 50 companies”.

The campaign was featured by model and actress Sónia Balacó and has the creative direction of AORP, production by Snowberry and photography by Frederico Martins. The scenography is by the Portuguese duo Ana Neto and Joana Lima, from S.P.O.T..

The “À La Carte” campaign is part of the “560 Jewellery: Made (and Designed) in Portugal” internationalisation project, co-financed by Portugal 2020 and encompasses a global investment of 2.5 million euros.

As a campaign for the promotion of the industry, the photography session presents the proposals of a selection of ten brands, representing the new Portuguese Jewellery: Carlton JewelleryFilipe FonsecaIgleziaJoana Mota CapitãoMimataPortugal JewelsRazza JoiasRosarinho CruzSara Sousa Pinto e Sopro Jewellery.

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