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Portuguese Jewellery Global Shift – Inside Journey

AORP – Portuguese Association of Goldsmiths and Watchmakers (Associação de Ourivesaria e Relojoaria de Portugal) partners with the EU IN MY REGION initiative, promoted by the European Union, in order to advertise the international promotion strategy of the Portuguese jewellery sector.

The event, open to all interested parties, will be held on May 25th at the 100-year old Topázio factory, where visitors will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the art and talent of master jewellers who give shape to the most sophisticated silver pieces of the Portuguese brand.

In addition, AORP will invest in a strategy to give international prominence to the sector, with highlights to the “Portuguese Jewellery – Shaped With Love” campaign, featuring model and actress Milla Jovovich. The campaign, which was created with the purpose of boosting the image of Portuguese jewellery at a global level, had an unprecedented impact.

EU IN MY REGION consists of an agenda of events open to the community in order to promote co-funded projects and their contribution and impact for the economic and social development of its region. In order to know more about this initiative, click here.
Attendance is free of charge. If you want to join, make your registration by email geral@aorp.pt.


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