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“Portuguese Jewellery Goes to Macau”: Consular Residence of Portugal hosts portuguese jewellery event

The Portuguese jewellery sector will host an event in Macau, on June 27, 28 and 29, for the first time, promoted by AORP – Portuguese Association of Goldsmiths and Watchmakers, with the institutional support of the Consulate General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong.  The initiative is part of the new international promotion campaign “Portuguese Jewellery À La Carte”, included in the celebrations of the month of Portugal in Macau.

The exhibition “Portuguese Jewellery Goes to Macau” will reunite a selection of national jewellery brands at the Consular Residence of Portugal – Former Hotel da Bela Vista. The opening day will be on June 27th, with a gala dinner for institutional guests. The event will continue until June 29th, being open to the public. In addition to the exhibited brands, there will be a live demonstration of Portuguese filigree promoted by the Filigree Guild of Gondomar (Rota da Filigrana de Gondomar).

According to Fátima Santos, AORP General Secretary, “this is the first event of an agenda of promotional events that we are preparing as part of the new international promotion campaign, which are aimed at strengthening our presence in strategic markets.  The choice of Macau as a starting point came as a result of our successful participation in one of the world’s leading jewellery fairs in Hong Kong.  This was a major step we longed to take and now we found the perfect excuse to do it, thanks to the institutional support that the Consulate gave us along the way.”

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