Portuguese Jewellery shaped with Love -

Portuguese Jewellery curated by AORP

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International Shows

Portuguese Jewellery Goes to Macau

We travelled to the other side of the world, but we felt at home.

Portuguese jewellery premiered in Macao, with a of seven brands that represent the fusion between the tradition of the art and contemporary design and a live demonstration of Portuguese Filigree technique, in partnership with The Filigree Route of Gondomar.


To celebrate the inauguration, AORP – Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association, that represents Portuguese jewellery, and the Consulate General of Portugal in Macau and Hong Kong invited special guests to an exclusive dinner, in the emblematic building of the Portuguese Consular Residence.


We are deeply thankful to the Honourable Consul General, Vítor Sereno, and all his team for the invitation and support throughout the process, to the seven brands – Arpa, Dos Santos (Elements Contemporary Jewellery ), Inês Barbosa , J.Monteiro de Sousa, J.Soares Jewellery, Liliana Guerreiro e Topázio 1874, to Gondomar City Council and our partners, specially S.P.O.T. , for the sublime way in which, once again, the team materialized the concept of the campaign in the decoration of the event.

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