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Portuguese Jewellery Insight

Portuguese Jewelery Insight

Delilah Gomes

Born into a family of artisans, Dalila Gomes revealed, since childhood, an enormous fascination for jewelry. He liked to play with family jewelry and draw her own pieces.
Her aptitude for geometry, rigor and perfectionism led her to follow the path of architecture. But dreams always speak louder. And so, in 2010, she decided to pursue jewellery making, learning to execute with her own hands the jewels she always drew.

She continues to have a very emotional relationship with her jewelry, which is why she only makes small editions of each piece, entirely handmade, in her workshop. Simplicity, versatility and balance form her triangle of inspiration. Constantly challenging the boundaries between tradition and avant-garde, her creations are born of a strong experimentation and manipulation of matter. In Dalila Gomes’s jewels everything is defined and drawn to detail, everything has to be logical and clear, governed by the right proportions.
More information at: www.dalilagomes.com

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