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Portuguese Jewellery Launch INSIGHT

Focused on the international promotion of portuguese jewellery, AORP continues developing various projects that aim to maintain the attracting visibility to our industry. Already in sharp speed about spreading what is the best jewellery made in Portugal and knowing that here, there and everywhere we could position ourselves on the map as a quality industry, in a targeted way to promote our brands and products.

This time we proudly present the new place Portuguese Jewellery – INSIGHT dedicated to promote and highlight an individual and personal perspective of what better and more interesting each of our companies do.

The Portuguese Jewellery INSIGHT promote and present the launch of thematic and / or avant-garde collections, designer pieces and their inspiration, innovation, recreations, participation in the media, international presences, campaigns, awards, partnerships and other initiatives, our businesses, giving special preference to our members, who are susceptible to awaken the interest of the market and the national and international media. This promotion will be done through our media, preferentially using personal mailing for a very large database, facebook, instagram and our website: portuguesejewellery.pt

Entrepreneurs interested in participating in this project “Portuguese Jewellery – Insight”, should send the information, creations and / or initiatives that have listing to be published in our media and promoted internationally, by email: geral@aorp.pt.

The information to be sent should always have an informative text, company logo or link with all the information described above.

Stay tuned, and take part of this!

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