Portuguese Jewellery shaped with Love -

Portuguese Jewellery curated by AORP

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Fashion Production


Fashion runways, international exhibitions: the productions released in the Portuguese Jewellery Shaped with Love campaign are the driver that transmits the best positioning of the Portuguese Jewellery in last few years. This sector which transforms himself at a high-speed embraces the era of 3.0 communication with confidence.

GEO Graphic, the latest production, is ravishing. The feeling is transmitted without losing sight of tradition and the quality of national manufacturing. It reinvents present in a more trendy and irreverent universe.

With GEO Graphic AORP (Portuguese Association of Gold and Watchmaking) offers a fresh vision of national creativity. In the report, the Portuguese Jewellery Shaped with Love brand, already recognized for creativity and distinctive quality of a country with values, presents a cosmopolitan and actual vision.

GEO Graphic exposes the unique spirit of the Made in Portugal through pieces with impact, from national brands and designers.

Global aspiration contained in the GEO Graphic designation, combine the strength of spelling, blocks and colors, interconnected with the jewels. A guide through the allure of the unique jewellery art in Europe, and in the cosmopolitan jewellery universe.

JEWELS:Joana Mota CapitãoBruno da RochaPatrícia Gorriz, Monseo JewelsLittle Nothing – Paula CastroLia GonçalvesRazza JoiasTopázioMinúciasEleuterio JewelsMimata by Joana Mieiro

Production: AORP - Fátima Santos and Sílvia Silva
Photography: Orlando Gonçalves
Styling: Nelson Vieira | Assistent Styling: Fábio Silva | Model: Anna Emilia (Best Models) | Make Up: Tinoca with MAC | Make Up Assistent: Elisa Almeida | Hair Styling: Bruno Bessa Cruz with Kerastase for Pêlos Cabelos | All clothes: Fashion Clinic

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