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Current Affairs

Portuguese Jewellery Serralves Special Edition

AORP – Portuguese Jewellery and Watchmaking Association and Serralves Foundation have joined together to launch an exclusive and limited collection of Portuguese jewellery, inspired by the architectural heritage of Serralves.

Bastion of contemporary art in Portugal, Serralves has in its built heritage two icons of the national architecture. The Serralves Museum, designed by one of the most notable Portuguese architects, Siza Vieira, has in the minimalism of form the perfect function. Meanwhile Casa de Serralves (the House) is one of the most emblematic representations of Art Deco in Portugal.


The Portuguese Jewellery Serralves Special Edition collection is inspired by the traits, textures and patterns of the Museum and the Casa de Serralves, presenting heterogeneous proposals that reveal the distinctive character of each of the six national jeweler brands invited by Serralves Foundation to integrate the project – Alcino, Bruno da Rocha, Eleuterio, Liliana Guerreiro, Luísa Rosas and Monseo.


A collection that outlines the new aesthetics of contemporary Portuguese jewellery, based on the tradition of goldsmith, craft techniques and the uniqueness of manual work.