Pérola Jewellery

Pérola Jewellery Joy Necklace €89.00

Necklace | 925 Silver | 7g | 44 cm

Pérola Jewellery Feellings Collection Joy Necklace

Pérola celebrates jewellery as aggregating and synthesizing elements of symbolism and memory. Pérola Jewellery designs pieces that will stand the test of time. Each ring, necklace earring and bracelet embodies the singularity of the combination of a diversity of techniques and materials. They couple savoir-faire and uncompromising design - this means that working with the best artisans is essential, as the aim is designing pieces featuring unique details and great symbolic value. Cristina Pérola was born in Porto, where she also grew up. She fell in love with decorative arts and fashion accessories at an early age. At 15, her experimentations with glass and wire fuel this passion and she decides to attend CINDOR, where she graduates in Jewellery and Stone Setting. Her first pieces are the result of an innate talent for drawing and a fascination for precious metals. Later on, she decides to invest in the unlikely combination of gold and silver, which leads her to design her first collection.