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Reinventing Portuguese Jewellery Shaped with Love

It is time of changes to the Portuguese jewellery international brand . The Portuguese Jewellery that has given proofs to be the best channel to track the evolution of our jewellery is reinventing itself. It is not a hard process, but started from the natural right moment of its release.

We now have new challenges. The path is designed to adjust to the brand achieved dimension in recent years. New markets, new business await us now!

The new image and the campaigns that will be born are more oriented to market trends and the most selective tastes of the consumer. The proposed format allows you to explore the potential of direct interaction with the market and internationalization programs we develop. And other effects of demonstration and drag very valuable for sectoral cohesion.

It creates a two-way dialogue between world of jewellery in Portugal and its relationship with the consumer and with an increasingly global market we invite you to join with the tremendous creative force that transmits at present the jewellery Made in Portugal.

Keep on track!

. Earrings . Inês Telles Jewelry . Ring Right . Goldgem Patrícia Andrade . Ring . Sofia Rocha . necklace . Sara Sousa Pinto . Bracelet . Mimata by Joana Mieiro .

Photography Aloísio Brito . Prodution AORP - Fátima Santos e Sílvia Silva . Styling Nelson Vieira . Make Up Marla Amastor . Hair Bruno Bessa Cruz

Thanks to. Carla Brites (Styling Assistent) e João Gonçalves (Photography Assistent)

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