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Shapers 4.0 Modalisboa

Portuguese jewellery is shaped by the art and talent of artisans who have inherited the know-how of various generations and add a personal mark of innovation and creativity to it.

Shapers 4.0” makes known the faces and hands of those who make our jewels. The masters of the trade who, preserving tradition, project Portuguese jewellery into the future. A multisensorial experience that takes the visitor to the environment of the traditional workshops, through sensations, sounds and interactions.

Promoted by the Association of Jewellery and Watch-Making of Portugal (Associação de Ourivesaria e Relojoaria de Portugal, AORP), the intervention, presented at ModaLisboa, has as purpose to show how the national jewellery sector renovates and promotes itself in the new contexts of the global and digital market.

According to Fátima Santos, Secretary General of the Association, “In a world shaped by technology and globalisation, jewellery is dictated by the authenticity and singularity of the artisanal work and of the traditional methods. With this combination, we manage both to meet the needs of the market that searches for exclusivity and customisation and to offer brands for different segments, from the most massive segments to niche markets, which get in the digital economy the necessary scale”.

The projection also serves as an invitation to get to know more about the new world of Portuguese jewellery at the exhibition and conference cycle “Shapers 4.0”, taking place at Espaço 560 of the Ministry of Economy until 19 October.

AORP has as mission to nationally and internationally promote Portuguese jewellery, supporting the development and projection of the companies in the global market.

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