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Sieraad Nov 18

Epicentre of design and creativity, the capital of the Netherlands hosts Sieraad – International Jewellery Art Fair, from 9 to 11 November. Nine Portuguese designers showcase at one of Europe’s leading contemporary jewellery events.
Focused on contemporary jewellery and author design, SIERAAD – International Jewellery Fair brings together in Amsterdam around 160 designers from more than 40 countries. Portuguese Jewellery will be represented by nine designers, which will be the largest participation in this event so far.
The selection of Portuguese brands reveals the diversity that characterizes its contemporary jewellery industry. From the renowned designer Bruno da Rocha, with his exuberant pieces inspired by the darker nature to the debutant Diogo Dalloz, a Brazilian who combines the technique of Portuguese jewellery with the sensuality of the tropical design, there are many and different proposals on display at Sieraad.

Sopro Jewellery, brand by Andreia Lima, comes back to Sieraad after a successful participation in the previous edition. For others, it will be an absolute debut: Ana Bragança, Ana João, Cecília Ribeiro, Joana Santos, Mater Jewellery Tales and Telma Da will present their collections for the first time at Sieraad.
The participation is promoted by AORP – Portuguese Association of Jewellery and Watchmaking. According to Fátima Santos, Secretary General of AORP, “Portuguese Jewellery is worldwide known for the quality and detail of the handcraft work. But nowadays a new and vibrant generation of young designers trace new paths, offering exquisite concepts that combine the tradition of the art and a fresh contemporary vision.”

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