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Jewellery Guide for Next Season

Jewelry trends on the fashion international catwalks shows this spring 2015.

Key words for this next season


As custodians of the earth our conscience and desire for sustainability lead us new and undiscovered territories as we begin to uncover and be inspired by organic life and the treasure trove of pattern and texture in nature bounty.


A romantic undercurrent pervades sentiment this time around, manifesting, itself in disparate but alluring ways. Inspired by female monarchs of yore. But updated with contemporary twists. Queen is a regal look wich revels in ornamentation and drama. At the opposite end of the spectrum a barely there aesthetic may be fragile.

One world

Whilist the inclination for everyday luxury continues to grow, it’s shift into a more street and sport inspired aesthetic gives rise to witty looks infused with a dash of urban sass. Our fascination with the world around us moves the focus from mono-cultural design influences, towards a fusion of references in a mood best described as a global mashup but why stick to planet earth when there’s a whole universe out there?


Turn to the unconventional and unexpected and embrace disorder and chaos as a starting point for design as a kick back to more restrained looks explored elsewhere. Both are a valid expression of our time. Shape continues to hero graphic chic geometric forms with fresh updates that centre around combinations, repeated patterns and colour blocking.

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