Portuguese Jewellery shaped with Love -

Portuguese Jewellery curated by AORP

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Fashion Production

SNEEK PEAK vogue accessory + portuguese jewellery

Never before the Portuguese Goldsmith had been so highlighted in the international media as now. AORP produced another fashion editorial but this time to be published in Vogue Accessory, with a worldwide distribution.

An exhaustive work of selecting pieces of Portuguese companies and coordinated combination which resulted in a work that will be on newsstands in late August.

This release comes just in time for holiday reenter post, where our companies release collections for the second half of the year in sectorial fairs of the most diverse countries. The “Portuguese Jewellery Shaped with Love” campaign once again shows up and promote the Portuguese Jewellery in the international supply, emancipating our brands to the global sphere and position Portugal as the country of production and innovative design in Goldsmith.

The campaign activity is part of the project “What’s Coming Next”, supported by  (SIAC). The entire campaign can be seen in Vogue Accessory, September issue will be on sale at newsstands next month, but also briefly in digital platform: www.portuguesejewellery.pt

Photography: Orlando Gonçalves

Jewellery: Dairy – Alcino Silversmith | Ring – Joana Mota Capitão | Bracelet: Patricia Gorriz

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