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Marco Cruz Joalheiro

“Our participation in the international fairs is an extraordinary form to promote our design, as well as the brand Marco Cruz Joalheiro. We use the fair as a platform to found contacts and reach new markets. The scope is worldwide, the possibilities are to many. In perspective, this year, we celebrate the entry into the French, Polish, Italian, Russian and Spanish markets. The projection that fairs bring to us is positive for companies, like mine, which are developing an internationalization strategy and bigger appreciation in the domestic market. ”

Sara Maia – Handcrafted Jewelry

“I’ve just started my journey, but I think that company’s participation in this shows is really important and an experience to repeat definitely. We have contact with other realities and cross testimonies of experiences with different looks on jewellery. Sometimes it doesn’t result in instantaneous sales but is a great way to let others get to know us. We had excellent feedback of what we are doing in Portugal. The initiative that AORP is carrying must be applauded because otherwise, reaching those markets was impossible for many of us”

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